CPlus for Craigslist App Reviews

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Great CL App

Easy to use to read or post ads.

Im just here

So they stop bugging me to rate their app.

Very useful

A really useful app. Is a better experience than craigslist itself. I find how it remembers last search category criteria annoying but can see how it would be extremely beneficial to other users. All around great app

Its craigslist!

Leaving a review so it stops prompting me to do so every time I open the app. Works.

Super easy to use!

Almost better on the phone than on the computer!

Good stuff

Look at the title.

Excelent App

I am recommend to all

Hard to use. Needs a tutorial

Tutorial would help a lot. Not at all like their previous app

Easy to use

Super easy to post and shop on the go! Sure takes the hassle out of loading photos to a laptop in order to post!! Very convenient for me!

Best App

Use it all the time. Love it

No privacy settings for email

When replying to any ads, it seems to automatically pulls your iCloud account as a default email, with your name as a sender. So even if you use Craigslist relaying anonymous email, your name will show up a a sender. Total fail.

Works Great For Me!

I use this app all the time. Works Great!

C plus is a huge plus!

A great tool that does simultaneous searches !

Great app

Intuitive interface

New version

Don’t care much for it... limited


Great app - very user friendly and functional

The best craigslist app

This app is the best craigslist app out there. It’s very streamlined although I find a couple of the parameters such as postal code to be a bit redundant, it is still the app of choice for me


Easy to use...have everything in one app...post, buy, check past posts!


It is a good app.

Missing somethings

After setting up a major search for a specific item, I noticed that this app was missing several hits in areas across Canada. I was able to find them on actual Craigslist searches so I know they are there. Partial returns only? While I like this app, its not close to perfection.

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