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Excellent App

Excellent App

Better than the website

Very good for craig users

Fire app

No pics

No pics



Good to go

Good to go

Crashes constantly

Went from crashing only once in awhile to every 5 minutes. Impossible to use now

App is broken

This app is broken. When more than one apartment are displayed on the map it gives you directions to that area instead of showing the apartments. Garbage.


When you hide a post from the lazy,worthless people selling 175 items in their whole establishment,it comes right back up! Use to be able to hide & won’t see again. WORTHLESS APP!!!!!

Paid Notifications... a nightmare

Want to know an easy way to go insane? Pay for upgraded notifications. Get notified when something is posted. And watch your phone explode with notifications every 20 minutes. Even though nothing has changed, nothing was added, no new anything. Trying me insane. I love this app. Shouldn’t have paid for notifications.

It was a decent app until the latest update.

Tabbed results the usability is now ridiculously bad.

Garage sale part needs updating

You can’t see what days the sales are from the post, you have to hit Original view every time to see what days the sales are. The same with the address. It takes twice as long to search for sales. I buy and sell on eBay and go to hundreds of sales each week. Also have filters for specific days like the computer version. So if I only want to see sales on Thursday not every post made there’s no way to do that from this app. I have to hit Original view wait for it to load and then delete it so I can only see sales from the days I plan on going

Works great

Works great

Works like a charm

Very good application. Took sometime to get used to it but very satisfied


You must pay to post. It is a dying app and with Facebook doing a lot better than them, you can expect the app to die in the upcoming years


Finally someone made a great CL app, this is the one.

Love it!

I love this app I use it almost daily on my tablet and it makes life so much easier!

Love it.

Many viewing options ...very intuitive. It jus keeps getting better.

LOOK ELSEWHERE: app doesn't work and neither does their support!

App stopped working, developers haven't responded to a single inquiry (and gave them multiple chances over last couple months). Find a different app.

Great App

Great app to used for business

Very nice easy to use

Well put together app.

Five star app for me

Great love it👍👍 works good for me Never crashes Highly recommend app if your wanting to sell,buy,trade,or rent

Overrun by bots

After using for a few weeks, I have only received responses from scammers and bots. I don’t think I have spoke to a real person yet. I would love to see some movement from developers to stop scams, bots, and computer auto reaponses.

Great app

Very convenient


Cannot use the app. "Please set up email to send an email" yet 5 minutes of searching and there is seemingly nowhere to put in my email... Then I click 'Feedback' for the app developers and I get the same message. Lol really?


With this app I can search every location I have programmed with one search. On a desk top, I have to go from location to location looking for a specific item. This app saves hours and hours.

Also a good app now it’s perfect

The best mobile app for finding and selling things locally.

App keeps shutting down on me

Not working, I updated it and I deleted it and downloaded it again

Denied contact by email

Can't contact posters. Asking me to setup an email but no where in the app can i add my email

Great App!

Love it 😍

Easy to use!

Nice app. Quick to use instead of hopping on the website.


Gishlesen popugaen!

Needs word wrap on titles, otherwise good.

Titles are often cut off, so you have to click the add, scroll to “load original” and load the original CL post in order to see the whole title. Awful lot of steps to view potentially the most integral part of a CL ad...

Good app

It's a good app. Does the Craigslist thing too. Now if it could just filter out all the crazies...

Better than regular craigslist app

So far so good! No crashes so far like the original craigslist app. Hopefully it stays this dependable.

All ads

All I get in search results are mattress ads.

Best Way to CL

Simply the best way to interact with CL on a mobile device. Easy to use and configure.

A complete waste of money

It worked one time. This app is less useful than a brick.

CPlus...C as in CrashPlus, which is all it does

The app always crashes after 5-10minutes or so of use when browsing. Very very annoying. It’s been like this since last year. Gets updated often but issue still persist, can’t be the only one experiencing this!!


App crashes an wont let u connect to servers? Then when does connect it crashes after your on a minute or so. An u don’t fix it?!?!?


Been buying and selling things on here for years! Yes there's lazy f**** that will try to make a killing off ya but for the most part that's just what America has made these kids!!! Always having the hands out instead of lending a hand! Good luck to everyone, but remember if it sounds to good to be true, more than likely it is!!

Best c-list app to date!

Easy to use and save favorites! Like to search many places at once.

New update is horrible

I just recently updated the app, and now I have a limit on saved searches. I can ONLY have 2 saved searches. What I rip off

Much worse recently

I can no longer save favorites, but the favorites I saved prior to change are still available... also pictures don’t display as nicely as they used to.

No dating options

Dating options no longer available. Removed due to human trafficking


Works fine

Liking the app!

Have used it to browse, buy, post & have now sold my old RV with it. It does everything I've needed it to do flawlessly. Thank you very mucho!


Great app!!! Extremely easy to use. Best app available to explore Craigslist.

Doesn’t transfer favorites from desktop

This app is nearly 100% useless because it doesn’t transfer your favorites from desktop to mobile when you’re on the same account

Pretty good search tool for automotive

I started searching for different models and year ranges for a vehicle and pretty quickly figured out how to save, modify and “save as new” my searches. For me this is incredibly valuable functionality. However, I have yet to figure out how to keyword search in other categories of CL such as automotive parts. Hopefully it’s me overlooking something obvious. If not, why not?

Great replacement

Works great, shows when you have already looked at the add by darkening them slightly, cannot remember if it would rotate pictures or not that should be a requirement if not, so far works very well.

? Is this thing on?

Refuses to open. Just spins and spins, I uninstalled it and reinstalled over a week later. Still spinning. It’s a bummer, used it all the time before.

Great app!

The best Craigslist app I've ever tried!

Works well

I like it

What happened??

This use to be a great app now it simply is awful. I paid for the extra features and they not only went away, the app now directs me to the official Craigslist website. Yuck!

Craigslist pro

Paid to get extra features but now it has no photos at all. Tried reloading it and it wants more money. Just use any free Craigslist and don't spend money for nothing. Worst of all there is no way to contact anyone for help. But don't worry it will ask you to give a good rating on a regular basis.

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