CPlus for Craigslist App Reviews


Get it

Great app

Working perfectly

Works perfect

Great app !


Works like it should

Great app

Recommended 100%


good work !!

Good app

Good app


Works great

Works well!

Good app

Best Craigslist app


Good app

Great job!

Perfect! Works flawlessly. Thank you!!!


works great

Great app

Was waiting for a genuine cl app for awhile, this one is simple and works great. Would highly recommend.

This app works really well!

Makes looking for stuff super easy, I definitely recommend getting it

Works for me.

Used this for over a year with no issues.

Worthy App

App works good I've had it for over a year. Plan to keep using it

So much easier

Makes CL a breeze.

No pics in personal ads

Yeah you prompt us by saying that this was a decision and not to rate poorly because of it. However, since you made the choice to neuter the app in that category, you should stand by the ratings that come because of it.

It's a good app

App is short for apple


Better than the actual site

Great app

It is very convenient.

Easiest App Ever

Easy app to use

Well executed app

This app is easy to use and free. I've used it for posting ads and it worked very well.

It works for me

I like this app most of the time.

👍it's great.

👍app works great!

Personals Photos

No option to view photos in personals if you wish to. Other than that, not bad.


Easy to use!

Great App:

Simple to use, Does what I need it to

First Craigslist app that is awesome

It's easy to use, slick and works perfectly!


Works well.

Hiding images?

Decided for me that I can’t see images in the personal section, and there’s no setting to change it. It shouldn’t be up to a developer to set morals and filter content. This is 1-star behavior and disgustingly self-righteous.

This app is great

I don’t usually write reviews. However, this app allows me to scroll through other peoples used unwanted garbage on Craigslist while I’m on the go. It’s great!

Ease of use

Great App, makes posting a dream. So happy I have this available. Thanks for the creation of this great app.


Works great

Love it


Great app. Very happy with it

Glad someone kept Craigslist going

Full of scammers!

What an awful experience. This site is full of nothing but scammers, people wanting to pay immediately electronically without even seeing a large priced item?! Asking for my personal email etc. no way, done with this garbage.


best craig's viewer of all time.

Account log in

Says that the account log in was fixed. It will not let me log in and/or post anything from the app.


I hate this new version. They should bring back the previous version. It was so much easier and clearer. If you can avoid getting this version DO IT!!

Does everything I need

I have both the iphone and ipad versions of this app and it's a breeze to search for stuff on craigslist. I recommend it to everyone for that, and recently i started using it to list stuff for sale also. Great app so far


The app is flawless

Easy to Create Listings

No glitches. Works like it should. This is the app right here. Look no further.

Love It But...

Love it but the current update has caused a lot of issues with crashing inside of the app as well as freezing issues while multitasking with other apps such as google chrome and safari.

Easier than on my computer

I am shocked that a mobile app is SUPERIOR to the actual computer CL website. This is the One!

Great rating

I love this app just wish there was a way that when you are selling items to stop the scammers from bothering you because not everyone catches onto the scammers

Best app by far!!

Other apps let you "see" Craigslist but do not allow you to manage your Craigslist account or your posts. THIS ONE DOES. Mobile apps will almost always show you different items than the full website will. That's not an "app" specific issue. Computers speak a different "language" than mobile devices.

Great app

Love the updates..


Working good. Yay

So easy !!

Love this app- buying and selling has never been easier !!




Very easy to use!

Great app

Very easy to us


Hate the app. Slow loading They filter pics.

Can’t login

Can’t log into my account through the app. Tells me to solve a captcha that either doesn’t pop up, or when I select the correct boxes to verify, kicks me back to the main screen to solve the captcha again. iPhone X running 11.1.2

Easy to Use

It's quick and easy to search, buy, and post. I use it often!


no pics in personals. might as well get rid of all photos from other categories.

What’s has happened???

I can’t log into app. Keeps asking me to complete the Capcha (eg select all squares with a vehicle) but just keeps saying complete Capcha when I done multiple times. Please fix

Excellent user interface

Easy to use!

Easier way to run repeated searches

Very handy.

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