CPlus for Craigslist App Reviews


Good working App

Working great!

Working great! Perfect!

Work vr well


Great app!!!

Great app!!!!

Greet app.

best craigslist app.


Get it

Great app

Working perfectly

Works perfect

Great app !


Works like it should

Great app

Recommended 100%


good work !!

Good app

Good app


Works great

Works well!

Good app

Best Craigslist app


Good app

CPlus? More like A+

Great app.. totally worth the cost and then some.

The best

The best CL App ever


Everything works perfectly, thank you.


It's craigslist man ✌🏼

Craigslist is lyfe

Sustainable. Obtainable. Found my last 2 living situations and last 3 wives on CL.

Upmost recent updated ruined this App

Crashes often. Unable to see what I’m typing at times. Searches became more difficult and time consuming.

Trash, paid features do not work, no support

I got this app just for the search notifications, and even purchased a paid notification. It has never worked, ever. I’ve contacted support multiple times with zero response. Stay away.

It works really well!!!

I love it.

Selling car

Just renewed my listing this morning and already have a call and text to see it today! Really helps to list a phone #.

Tried andTrue

I've had other apps for CL and they tend to be dubious, crashing, lagging, unreliable and obtuse. This one isn't exactly perfect but it's intuitive and stable. Posting is very easy and finding you're way to wherever you go is pretty easy. It's as good as an app can get in many ways. The developers. Deserve a nod for choosing a large readable font and making images clear on the tiny phone screen Sometimes the contact link is meandering and may Peter out or prove frustrating. The maps are also a little dodgy but these issue are likely user related matters. This is an excellent free app for CL fans who tend to use the ads as well as poet them often.

Good potential marred by too many errors.

One of the most feature complete Craigslist apps but marred by consistent and continual failures when searching housing across multiple states/regions (the dreaded, “Opps, and error occurred while loading data from the server”). New updates that segregate searches across different lanes reduce usability without actually fixing the underlying issue. Other Craigslist apps don’t have this issue.

doesnt open app

hey today is june 15, 2018. i have iphone X. the app doesnt open it. i tried to open many times.

Doesn't work

With your new update the app doesn't even work. It's loads the app but when it's open and your search any category it just goes to the next screen but doesn't load any ads. Fix this please. I use this app almost everyday and it was perfect.

Dislike area menu

To change locations there is swipe left right towards the top. Cant stand it. Annoying. That is all.

Best app for Craigslist

As good as if Apple had created it...

Beats the others

This ap is great




There isn’t one thing about this app that can match OfferUp’s ease of use.

Bad updates

This app used to work great. Now my search is constantly yielding no results in error. Searching multiple cities is really cumbersome now. It used to work seamlessly. That was the best feature. Very sad to see it go. App also keeps crashing.



Easy to use

This app is so easy to use, love it

Great job building this app

I have used this app for over a year. It's my go-to app to get things.

No VPN Support

This app will not work over Nord VPN, rendering it almost useless for those of us that want secure connections.


I use it often, but it sometimes doesn't show all the search listings shown when using Craigslist on my PC.

It’s not free

If you want to save a search you have to pay! Listing items for sell is not free anymore either!

Bad Location Finder

I don’t want this app to use location services, but good luck adding a city manually. It doesn’t work. You think they want to track and sell all your data? Maybe. Who can trust these apps anymore when they don’t give you the option to not use location services?

One of the best Craigslist apps out there

I've tried at least ten other apps, but this one is the best. It has the most features out of the box, is free, and almost never crashes. It's interface is easy to use without sacrificing functionality. It gets better with every release

Time Saver

Works great!

Loving it

It's been great so far!!

Not to bad of a app, just need some tweaking

The last couple of updates on my iPhone the app seems to sometimes freeze up or just close out when I am looking through offers. Before then it was a awesome app and loved it. If you can fix the promo will change my review

Easy app

Love how easy it is to navigate!

CPlus...C as in CrashPlus, which is all it does

The app always crashes after 10-15 minutes or so of use when browsing. Very very annoying. It’s been like this since last year. I’m mainly browsing the automotive section in “Gallery” view. Gets updated often but issue still persist, can’t be the only one experiencing this!! They update this app every week and still haven’t fixed this bug!!


I open the app and when I try to click on my saved searches it kicks me out of the app

Love It!!

I always find what I'm looking for and sometimes it surprises me!


Had craigslist pro which no longer exists Loaded this Since I didn’t allow it to use my location I was asked to select a location Did that but there is no way to accept/commit the location you’re just stuck

Good app

But how do you upgrade to pro version I don’t see a way in app like it says.

Easier to use than the website.

I used this app to search across multiple areas in different states for certain vehicles. This app made it super easy to do all at once.


Nothing bad I can say about this app.

Tabs ruined a good thing

The app is still usable but a lot more annoying when viewing multiple cities. Revert back and it’s a solid four star and a half app.


This app is a must with me I depend on it for server all reasons! Keep up the the 5🌟 ratings !!!! Sincerely, Maureen Danzuso

Still wrks4me

I still manage to navigate the site successfully . I keep my searches local which helps a lot

Cumbersome now with no scrolling.

This was a great app. It still is but not as user friendly as before. When searching multiple locations now, you have to touch each location vs simply scrolling down through each location. Wish they would fix this back as I used it often.


Greatest craigelist app yet. I love it. So easy to use

So many scammers

I wish I knew how to avoid all the scamming going on on this sight! I find that about one quarter of the items posted are by scammers and I don't understand how they can't be screened out some how! When I respond to adds by asking the seller to call me or text me because I have more questions about the item adopt 25% of them respond by asking me to email them or there mother or.....Scammers!!!! Frustrating! Just Beware!!!


Not a bad app but the last update removed the Personals link.

Multi-region search display - now a “mode-switch”

In prior versions, by default you could see the search result list displaying multiple regions. With the latest update, you must set a “mode switch” to see this multi-region list view — the new default now requires the user to scroll across each of the regions.

Love it!

Works great, easy to use, great results!

Bad update

The new format is horrible

Gotta Love It

Simple, flexible, and it works! Never experienced any sort of bugs. Very helpful when looking for something in particular or just browsing.

Flagging Has To Be STOPPED!!!!

It's no good leaving flagging up to the idiots who have no jobs and no life and nothing to do but flag people all day! If you want to control the site FAIRLY you should hire people to do it . Please stop this stupid feature it makes the site Low Class. People with money rarely bother with Craig's because it's so Classless.

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