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Great app

Working perfectly

Works perfect

Great app !


Works like it should

Great app

Recommended 100%


good work !!

Good app

Good app


Works great

Works well!

Good app

Best Craigslist app


Good app

Fantastic App

Works great and does everything I could've asked for. Helps a lot when looking for something specific and wanting to look around you not just one area. Would recommend!



Simplicity perfected

As a contractor this app helps when needed. I can search multiple markets even multiple states at once. Definitely helps gather a clear understanding of market value.

So useful

I have furnished most of my home and business by buying second hand objects and materials bought from craigslist. Very grateful to be able to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Must have

Terrific app to find the things you need. The filters allow for narrow or wide searches, and it just keeps getting smoother.


I love this app


Best Craigslist app


Best Craigslist app I've found. The old version was a lot friendlier but I'm glad to have CPlus back.

Prefer the old version better

I enjoyed the old version better. It was easier to use and I don't like the color scheme on the new version.

Bomb diggity

Great cl app use it almost daily

Crashes every time I try to look at favorites

Fix it please

Works great for me.

I have.been using this app for many years. It just keeps improving. Thanks so much

Very convenient

I love that the app lets me know which postings I've seen and which postings I haven't seen.

Can't log in

Can't log in to my account! It says solve the capcha but what capcha? And still can't log in

Find anything

Great site with excellent search options.

A must have!

Easy to keep track of your favorite ads and search multiple surrounding areas at once. Any craigslist enthusiast would benefit from this app!

Has everything I need

Who needs to drive around and look at random garage sales? CL+ got it all, right in my hand/pocket or wife's purse.

It's Craigslist


App crashed!!

App still crashed even after the update!!

The best Craigslist app I've found

I tried two other apps that disappointed me but finally found CPlus, and it works the best for me. I like the saved searches because they're prominently displayed and therefore easier to remember. All the operations I need function smoothly.

My search has finally ended

Suddenly stops auto notifications!

Great site

I use craigslist all the time as it is of constant use to me. I've always had good experiences with it, from buying plants to buying a car. All in all a great utility. Thank you Craigslist

Great App. Intuitive

Easy to use. Great feature set and intuitive.

Sometimes crashes

Sometimes crashes when loading photos. This makes it lose all data you have entered for the post.

I'm a fan.

The app is easy to use. I like favoriting ads to keep my eye on things. The filter is easy to use and can be saved. Craigslist is one of the best websites ever and this app helps you utilize the site with ease from your phone.

Great app

Best way to use Craigslist on your phone. Absolutely worth it.

5 stars

Great app to find cars! Just be careful make sure you know what to check for because people tend to lie. But if you use critical thinking and know about cars it's great!




Works really well.

Its simply great

Quick to learn. Simple to use.


Super app. Easy to use.

Horrible!! Cannot log on at all!!

I had no problems until the update. The stupid CAPTCHA isn't working properly and it won't let me log in. I choose everything correctly and it keeps kicking me back to the login! Horrible update!

Great app

Use this app every day.


Update now crashes the app when I click on Favorites. Worked flawless prior.

Cool app

I have 4 stars because I can't see pics on the post

Iphone 6S IOS 10.2.2- "IP Address Blocked" Bug

2 Stars for what the app was intended to be, no stars for what it's become, and -5 stars for allowing the filth people Post for all to see and yet blocking my IP Address when trying to post FREE items. Hi don't have much time but just wanted to give feedback in hopes that the developers see it and will fix it. I use CL to post when I'm getting rid of something still useable, if I need an extra hand (gig), looking at ATVs since I've wanted one since I was a kid and am almost 40, or to see what the going price is for something Years ago my ex and I would look at the "Casual Encounters" sections out of sheer disbelief that there's an underworld that exists and that it's up here for any kid to see. I never made contact to a Personal Ad, listed spam, mass-posted or violated the TOS in any way. But whether I'm logged in or not, after 1-2 searches, all the fields will be blank in the app. Then the CL website will say "IP Address Blocked and contact some random email address like dg68ebsb67@support@craigslist to remove block. I have Comcast/Xfinity Cable Internet. I get my WAN (Service provider) IP address via DHCP, like everyone else. I have no control over what IP Address I'm given, and it changes every few days. Whatever the last person did online using that IP has nothing to do with me. Even if I'm logged in to my account, with a History of normal everyday browsing like seeing what is FREE near me, I get blocked. And it's ALL THE TIME. it's total BS. I don't know if anyone else has had this happen? Anybody use CL for normal things and doesn't go looking for "Girls who want 250 Roses" or "Rock Climbing and Skiing parts in July? This has been going on almost a year so far. FYI, don't waste time emailing that un-block support email address; it's either a Computer or filtered by one. Nobody reads those emails and if they did no one replies. So, Dear CL Developers: why don't you block the hookers and crack dealers and people "hosting" with an open door for anonymous Consenting Adult depravity that any child can see and no child should know even exists. And stop blocking my IP! Shame on CL. There is an entire sub-culture grown out of people posting Personal Ads and using CL to post explicit ads for things so graphic that it's shocking. These personals wouldn't exist without CL, that sub-culture wouldn't be out in the open and because CL does not block these ads, the world is exposed to this debauchery and we are all worse off because of it.

No Ipad Landscape view latest promised update

No Ipad Landscape view latest promised update

Just live the app

Excellence for watching for specialty items you wish to purchase.

After the update. Pretty cool again. Thanks


craigslist is the bizzomb

and this app is fresh dope, right????

Works great

Makes it easy to search through multiple listing areas.

All that

This app is all that and a bag of chips!


Simple, makes searching easy. Love it

Love it

Love it


UPDATE: Thank your for the landscape mode! Absolutely best feature for iPad users! Great app! I use it daily! Effective, easy, fast and useful. Better than Offer Up. Well organized. Keeps the nonsense to a minimum.

Good so far


Works good!

Great app to post!

So Easy

Easy user friendly app. Thank you.


It's great.



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