CPlus for Craigslist App Reviews


Good working App

Working great!

Working great! Perfect!

Work vr well


Great app!!!

Great app!!!!

Greet app.

best craigslist app.


Get it

Great app

Working perfectly

Works perfect

Great app !


Works like it should

Great app

Recommended 100%


good work !!

Good app

Good app


Works great

Works well!

Good app

Best Craigslist app


Good app

Overall good app, needs better navigation

I like the app and it's pretty easy to upload sale items. The buttons could use some work on placement and navigation. The photo upload page doesn't have a next / add button so it's hard to know where to click once done adding photos. The other add buttons are in the middle of the page vs being on the right to click next. They should redesign the app to put buttons on left / right side to go forward and backwards. App loads quickly and I figured it out after my first classified. So i was able to upload my items so 4/5 stars seemed fair!

Great app !!

I truly Enjoy using this app. Easy to navigate.

Helpful App

I love it! I have found this app to be very helpful without little to no glitches! (:

I like it

It's simple but works well. Convenient for editing posts I created on PC and adding pictures with my phone.

Needs improvement, but for me it was the best out of the available choices.

I use this app mainly because it doesn’t reset my search if I switch to a different app while using it, ie if I want to flip to chrome for a second it will keep my position in the search result page. That was the most annoying thing about the other CL app I like to use (it’s a green one in the App Store and it’s also paid). An irritating quirk this app has is if you’re not very careful and deliberate about scrolling down, it will instead interpret a downstroke as a side swipe and will return you to the start page. Hugely annoying to have to make the search all over again and scroll forever to find my spot. Maybe implement a page system? Other minor gripes but it’s less annoying to use this app than the others, so four out of five for now.

Removing posts

Craigslist just assumes your post should be flagged so they just take it down.

Satisfied on IPhone

Easy to post something for sale and easy to search for stuff. Bad reviews how? Lol... I have to say it didn't change my life downloading this app but it works soooo.....

Can’t post

Simply because when it asks to verify your number. I type in my number. Hit the send code button, and it just refreshes the “enter your number” page.


Good job muy bueno

rating spam

spams for ratings


Don’t pay for alerts you will never get them!

Best I’ve found.

Consistent clean connection. The searches are pretty good. Would be nice to have locations different on different searches. Or the ability to save location sets and apply them to searches. Every once in while opening an item will crash the app. But not sure creator of item isn’t trying something shady.

Simple to use

Simple to use / common sense layout. Only complaint I have is for some reason I can't load or edit photos on my posts. That's on an iPhone.

Phone verification doesn’t work!!

Therefore it will not post my number to craigslist. And I cannot complete the Posting Process. So why do you have this. It just complicates the whole process then if u click on help just goes to a page that has information about how you can only post one phone number in 5 min??? What do you mean by this??? There is no link or anything... I clicked “send verification code” and.this doesn’t work because I never got a txt. No other buttons or links to click.. I tried with my husbands phone number and it still doesn’t work oh well ONE STAR!


Says I need to set up my email account to send any replies yet there are no options to do so and signing into my account does nothing to solve it either.

Great app

Easy to use. Great features. Frequently turn to this app.

Great app for car searching!!

All my friends now come to me to find deals. This app allows me to search all the local and extended areas with filters and ease.

Terms of service are terrible

Vaguely defined misuses of the application with expensive fines specified in the terms....

Keeps crashing on my IPhone X

Deleted app. Reinstalled it. Still crashes. Have latest IOS.

Hard to Use

So difficult for me as a young, tech savvy person to use. Just got stuck on the select a location section and there was no way to get out of it. Deleted.

Won’t send a verification code

Tried 2 different cell numbers. I already have a CL account, and the numbers I’m attempting to use aren’t listed as prohibited types of phone numbers. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t work. Frustrating.

Does not show updated listings! Huge flaw

I discovered this after searching for MacBooks and wondering why there were never any new listings throughout the day. It turns out the app caches the results or something. It does not matter if you pull down to refresh or retype MacBook in the search — same results! Meanwhile the actual site has a bunch more listings that you probably missed out on. Wow.

Can’t recommend app

This is the 2nd this occurred therefore it’s not been fixed: Went to change location, taken to total list of nations and states. Once clicked on one wanted, gave me NO option to return to search window. So I can’t recommend this app. Rev Bill Fix jr

No problems

Great app. I've been using it for a couple of years and have not had any issues. Very user friendly.

Use it all the time

This app has helped me furnish multiple apartments and find my last part time job. Easy to use, no complaints.

Can’t get off this Select city screen

Try to load App but it wouldn’t get off the select city screen reloaded two times no luck

So far so good

I've used it once and it was great

Stop asking for reviews

Hi CPlus. You got this one star review for constantly asking me to review your app. Love your app! Great job! Now stop asking me to rate it

It’s Awesome

It’s awesome, user friendly and intuitive. The best way to surf Craigslist.

They Flag Posts that literally has nothing wrong with it!

I have been allowed one post only. All my other posts have been removed. These were posts for different things too! They need to work on their system for flagging. I have no purpose for this app if I can’t even post! I might as well pay money to run ads in a newspaper; at least I know it will get ran and not deleted for no reason at all! This app has really let itself go! It used to be great; but not anymore!!! Deleted

Works Great

Love it

Best Craigslist App!

Great Job!


This app great but it constantly crashes.

It’s ok. But don’t expect notifications to work

I bought the paid version of this app hoping that the notifications would work better, but no go. I get notified that their are “new” listings and when I click the notification it takes me back to the same postings I already saw a few minutes earlier, or old postings. Got one today for a listing I already viewed that was posted 30 days ago! It does this over and over. Getting notifications for new listings are important when you are shopping for something, and unfortunately this app simply doesn’t do notifications well - SO DONT BE A SUCKER LIKE ME AND UPGRADE TO THE PAID VERSION. If they would fix that this would be an easy 5 Star app for me, but without it it’s just another Craigslist app.

It’s not available !!

It’s not available in my country and this is Sad ;/

Good enough but not great.

Not as smooth as the last version, it takes much longer to scroll through listings now that search results come up under different city headings. Still does what it's supposed to do though, so good enough.

Needs work to rival web version

I appreciate having the app as it's easier than pulling up CL on a browser on my phone. However, search results are dicey, and why on earth do the favorites from the web version not sync with those on the app?? It's a total PITA to try to find favorites when I have to first remember which platform I was using when I added the favorite.

This makes CL relevant again

Fast and easy and I like the burner number they offered. Very cool app!

Erratic notifications

I set notifications for a search for an apartment and some days I will get three notifications for a dozen “new“ ads when there are no new ones, and then other days notifications for *actual* new ads will be 3 days late. 🙄

Works great

I like it, does what I expect of it.

Frustrating with NO contact information.

Frustrating with NO contact information.

Using with great success!

I have been using this app with great success over the past year and it has helped me make dozens of purchases. If you are looking for a great Craigslist app, I recommend this. Now to go search for my next buy!

Use this app!

Works well with Craigslist!

Needs bug fix

Love the app. Please fix the telephone verification bug. Not working properly.


Works good does what I need

Search FAIL

Compare search results. Run craigslist in your browser and compare search results side by side with this app. My search of Seattle motorcycle listings for ‘Buell’ returned 21 results in browser and 4 results in this app. This aggressive filtering of search results is unacceptable. I cite one example here but this issue repeated with many examples.

Phone number

Phone number contact is not working .


Keeps deleting my resume! I’ve posted it 3 times and it gets deleted within a hour or two. What’s the use of this app if we can’t post ANYTHING?!

Won’t let me respond to ad

Always says error when trying to reply to any ad. Something is wrong with the app.


I’ve used this app for years to buy CL items. It died afine job.

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